New Year. New Start.

2018.  A brand new year full of promise. 365 blank slates stretch before us, each one to be opened like a precious gift. With great resolve and full of good will, we make New Year’s resolutions. This will be the year we quit something or start something. The year we find a new job or lose old weight. The year we spend more time with family and save more money. The year we cook more and drink less.

It’s also the time to send New Year’s wishes to friends and family. This year at AYM we’re keeping our wishes simple-we hope you can experience breath in the fullest sense. Infuse more breath into your lungs. Let it gently embrace every organ as it moves down to your pelvis. Use it to explore forgotten spaces. Breathe in the new and breathe out the old. Then take on your own resolutions. They’ll feel lighter and much easier to keep. Happy breath. Happy New Year.

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