Advanced Yoga Training – Functional Anatomy with Joanna Abbatt and Julien Gagnon

Joanna and Julien will be collaborating together to present a series of workshops designed for yoga teachers and other related disciplines.  In this workshop, we will introduce bio-mechanical principles and apply them directly into the yoga context.

Functional Anatomy: Neck, Arms, Elbows and Hands
In this workshop we shall be presenting:
With Joanna:
Biomechanical concepts related to the neck and arms
Alignment of the bones from the hands, arms, shoulders, neck
Posture of the neck in relationship to thoracic spine
How the co-contraction of muscles can help create stability e.g. Hyperextension of elbows, instability of shoulder joint, etc.
Julien will then guide us through a few simple postures so that we can discuss the application of the concepts presented into our practice and teaching.  We will assess arm weight-bearing postures as well as those that have flexion, extension and rotation of the neck.
PRICE: 159$ (+taxes), payment received by March 21st or 200$ after March 21st.