Alejandro De Leon

Weekly Classes : Sunday (Refining your Flow) 9:30AM, Sunday (level 1) 11:30AM

After 20 years of experience as a classical and contemporary dancer, Alejandro continues to be fascinated and dedicated to the connection between the body and the spirit. He cultivates a creative space that is rooted on the flexibility of the mind and the harmony between breath and movement. His class offers a natural sense of kinesthetics and leads people to explore an effortless and grounded yoga practice – accessible to any one regardless of the capacities and the extent of mobility of each individual. Alejandro did his teacher training at AYM in 2015 – a place where continues to learn and to be inspired by its teachers and by the energy of its community.

Alejandro is also a photographer, choreographer and filmmaker. He trusts in power of being fully present and grateful to develop every aspect of his life.