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Marielle Bertin

Marielle is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, a dynamique approach focussed on the balance between effort of movement and personal potential. Inspired by AYM’s Ashtanga style, she undertook a daily practice which was the start of a 15-year relationship with yoga.

For her, yoga is the optimal challenge of everyday living – exploring the tensions between effort and ease, comfort and discomfort and the sense of self within turbulance. Simplicity and movement.

With a background in Massage Therapy, Horticulture and Garden Design she is currently completing the Professional Yoga Therapist Program at Naadayoga.

Eira Glover

“I was first introduced to yoga in 2001 while training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy on the brink of my professional dance career. As a result, my personal practice has evolved alongside, and through an intimate relationship with, my artistic development as a dancer. Yoga began as an effective form of corporal conditioning for me, however, over time it has come to deeply influence the ways in which I move through, engage with, and think about the world. I first ventured to India to practice in 2005 and my interest in mind/body unity continues to grow; it has inspired the pursuit of a degree in Psychology/Sexuality, and the cultivation of a rewarding and ongoing Vipassana practice. I initially completed a 250hr Hatha Yoga teacher training at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, and have since supplemented this with focused certifications in Trauma Recovery Yoga and Elderly Yoga. Through being a teacher, I have discovered a profound joy in facilitating for others a connection to yoga and an exploration of the mind/body. I am grateful to my many yoga teachers around the world who have so generously shared with me their knowledge of this ancient Indian tradition. I look forward to being a lifelong student while continuing to evolve as a teacher.”

Kate Markle

“I feel so lucky to have discovered yoga at a young age. A large part of my childhood was spent looking at Iyengar books, trying to imitate the postures that were described. I went to my first yoga class at age 12, and have been hooked since then. My love for learning and quest for knowledge led me to Montreal to study philosophy, music and the environment at McGill. During my degree, I became more interested in the philosophical teachings behind yoga, as well as the healing capacity that it has. My quest to learn more lead me to Ashtanga Yoga Montreal and I completed my Teacher Training with Allison Ulan, Jeanne Mudie, Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku in the fall of 2015.

Since then, I have taught children’s yoga in various schools around Montreal, and have become even more aware of the positive impact it can have, both physically and mentally. Having worked with people struggling with mental illness and physical limitations, I have seen first hand the transformative power of this healing art. I firmly believe that it should be accessible to everyone!

Aside from yoga, I am also a musician and a composer and I love sharing experiences through the arts.”

Yaelle Wittes

Yaelle is a level II Authorized Teacher from the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India
“As a yoga teacher, she works with all levels of students, from experienced Ashtangis to newcomers to yoga.  Her approach is inclusive, and working from a base of Ashtanga, her classes are adapted and to be accessible and challenging according to the needs of each students.  She encourages students to work at their personal edge, exploring their limits while respecting their physical, energetic and emotional capacity.  She foster a supportive and challenging dynamic, creating an environment for students to focus, play, gain insights into their practice, and to grow on and off the mat.”

Champa Cyr-Ratanatray

Champa is the Director of Champa Yoga. She started her career as a yoga teacher in 2015 and has since developed strong skills in Yoga Asana as well as a growing interest in Vipassana Meditation.  She has added specializations in Prenatal and Yoga Mom-Baby to her firm yoga foundation from Ashtanga Yoga Montreal (250 hrs.).

She continues her studies in meditation and mindfulness, and is pursuing training in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Champa has always been interested by the human body and techniques that explore the mind-body connection. She graduated from Concordia University’s Contemporary Dance program in 2000 and has never stopped exploring body movement and its expression in the present moment.

As a yoga teacher, she hopes to share her passion with as many people as possible and ultimately to make the yoga experience accessible to all.