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Tuning in to Breath and Sound with Alejandro and P.O. Bolduc

Friday November 24th and Friday December 8th from 6pm – 7:45pm

Sit on your mat, close your eyes and listen to the sound of your everyday breathing… Let the synchronization of breath, sound and movement unlock the transformational power of practicing yoga with live music!

This class integrates the healing vibrations and sounds of instruments from Eastern and Western traditions (Tibetan bowls, Handpan, didgeridoo, thumb piano) to soothe and harmonize the nervous system.

We will practice strategic restorative postures and key breathing patterns along with a rhythmic flow to awaken the avid and soulful listener in each of us. Join us in tuning in to our breath and finish your week with a clear and light heart.

Cost: $20 plus tax

Exploring Yoga and Alignment through Myo-Fascial Lines with Tony Eng

November 12, 26 and December 3, 10 2017 (Sundays) from 3pm – 5pm

This workshop series will help you understand the connection of the myo-fascial lines throughout the body.

We will explore these lines in detail through yoga postures and alignment.

Myo-fascial lines are integral to the functional movement, coordination and stability of the body.  By aligning the fascial lines, we will improve body awareness, balance and strength.  It will also help us understand the causes of your injuries and limitations.

Cost: $100 for all 4 classes ($30 for each individual class)

Loveyourbrain yoga

We are psyched to announce that we’ll be working with the LoveYourBrain Foundation from October 26th to November 30th, on Thursdays from 4:00-5:30.

LYB Yoga enables people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and those who support them (their caregivers) to participate in community-based gentle yoga and meditation classes tailored to their needs. Their unprecedented yoga program is designed based on the science of resilience. They believe that yoga and meditation can empower individuals to positively adapt to changes in their lives.

For more information about their program, visit




The LIFT team is very happy to invite you to their 3rd LIFT Adult Retreat from Friday November 10th to Sunday November 12th. All profits will support their awesome work with youth at risk. For an entire weekend in the beautiful landscape of Sutton, come discover and embody the values and principles of LIFT: healthy mind, body and spirit through nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness!

Their health experts will be around all week-end to answer questions, provide services and especially to join in the fun. Their main objectives are that you feel amazing, have fun and meet awesome people.


  • Nutritionist: Meesh Coles
  • Yoga: Jeanne Muddie
  • Osteopath: Jonathan Naylor
  • Co-director: Jonathan Sbrellini
  • Co-director: Elvis Grahovic


To sign-up and for more information, visit

GAGA/People Classes for November

Saturday November 4th from 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM with James Viveiros

Saturday November 18th from 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM with Laura Toma

Cost: $16 plus tax

Gaga is a movement language which Ohad Naharin developed over the course of many years and which is applied in daily practice and exercises by the Batsheva Dance Company members.  The language of Gaga originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, ever-changing power of movement, and it continues to evolve today.

Gaga is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body. Gaga provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body and adding flexibility, stamina, and agility while lightening the senses and imagination. Gaga raises awareness of physical weaknesses, awakens numb areas, exposes physical fixations, and offers ways for their elimination. The work improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movement, and it allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure in a simple way, in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each person with themselves and others.

Gaga has two tracks: Gaga/people and Gaga/dancers.

To register for the November 4th class with James Viveiros:

To register for the November 18th class with Laura Toma: