Champa Cyr-Ratanatray has an approach adapted to the particular needs of its students. She seeks through her teaching of yoga to create harmony between the functioning of the body and the ability to identify the challenges to be overcome at the level of the Spirit. Her yoga sequences are restorative for the mind and energizing for the body. Its purpose is to help the student evolve in his practice and his inherent understanding of yoga. With 550 hours of certification in yoga, Champa draws on her knowledge of both Ashtanga yoga and Restorative yoga, she uses chairs and other accessories available to give a yoga practice that is accessible and safe. Among other specializations, she works a lot with women prenatal and post-natal, she accompanies the woman in all its pregnancy process until after childbirth where she teaches baby massage and the rehabilitation of the body to come back to it’s initial form both physically and mentally. Champa also has a practice and understanding of Vipassana Meditation, she accompanies the student who wants to understand how to calm his mind and take the meaning back to his life. The meditation sessions are taught on an individual and daily basis, it respects the religion or initial values ​​of the student and adds mindfulness and concentration. Champa guides, accompanies and inspires the student to respect each other while stimulating the limits and progression of yoga.

Please note that we require 48 hours notice prior to the desired private session booking. The teacher will send you a booking confirmation email based on the information that you provide below. 

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