Julien Gagnon

Weekly Classes : Tuesday (Mouvement et Alignement) 10:00AM, Tuesday (lunch) 12:15PM, Thursday (level 2) 5:30PM

Julien has established himself as an active teacher of yoga and spirituality over the past ten years. His initial practices of meditation provided him with the ethical life values that today represent the foundation of his practice. He focuses on strength, rigour and concentration as the facilitative principles in the practice of yoga which he aims to communicate with respect, humour and levity.

A trained dancer, Julien has explored a variety of yoga practices such as Anusara , as well as the techniques of Siavanda and Iyengar. By learning to move and stretch his body in a more healthy and balanced way yoga provided the harmonious complement to Julien’s training at the National Ballet School of Canada. It was here in Toronto at the Yoga Sanctuary and the Downward Dog Yoga Centre where Julien discovered Ashtanga yoga, the style which continues to resonate the strongest within him. Upon his return to Montreal Julien deepened his training at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Montreal, under the guidance of Allison Ulan, Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg.

A certified teacher of great versatility, Julien offers a variety of classes from Prenatal to athletic and even extending into acrobatic yoga. Focusing on the achievement of optimal alignment, Julien sees yoga as an entirely natural method that allows for the gentle regeneration of the vital functions of an organism. Julien also draws on the athletic strength of Ashtanga in order to guide the body to achieve the maximum of its potential. Using this methodology, Julien facilitates the training of professional athletes from a variety of disciplines including running, competitive swimming, professional dancing and the circus arts.