Kate Markle

“I feel so lucky to have discovered yoga at a young age. A large part of my childhood was spent looking at Iyengar books, trying to imitate the postures that were described. I went to my first yoga class at age 12, and have been hooked since then. My love for learning and quest for knowledge led me to Montreal to study philosophy, music and the environment at McGill. During my degree, I became more interested in the philosophical teachings behind yoga, as well as the healing capacity that it has. My quest to learn more lead me to Ashtanga Yoga Montreal and I completed my Teacher Training with Allison Ulan, Jeanne Mudie, Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku in the fall of 2015.

Since then, I have taught children’s yoga in various schools around Montreal, and have become even more aware of the positive impact it can have, both physically and mentally. Having worked with people struggling with mental illness and physical limitations, I have seen first hand the transformative power of this healing art. I firmly believe that it should be accessible to everyone!

Aside from yoga, I am also a musician and a composer and I love sharing experiences through the arts.”