Pierre-Vincent Breault-Ruel

Weekly Classes : Monday (Flow & Restore) 10:00AM, Monday (lunch) 12:15PM

What is this experience that we call life? As far as I can remember, this question has fascinated me and connected my different interests. Among other things, it has brought me to study agriculture and environment at McGill, to better understand nature and the world we inhabit and share. It also led me to learn music, an expression of the soul, studying accordion and electroacoustic composition. Then, in a more philosophical and spiritual way, it guided me to meditation and yoga. I was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 2009 by Tara Lutchman and the practice immediately captured me. I then studied with Allison Ulan, Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku and Jeanne Mudie. I am currently studying shiatsu, which, combined with vipassana meditation, is influencing and colouring my practice and my teaching. My approach is therapeutic and humane, with particular attention to the different areas of our health (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), to mindfulness, autonomy, and fun!