Tara Lutchman

Weekly Class : Friday (multi) 5:30PM

I have been enraptured by yoga since that first breath and movement experienced 10 years ago. Like a cheesy love song, Ashtanga yoga pulled me in and I never let go (insert violins here). In all sincerity, when I first started practicing it felt like I was finally home, that I was on to something valuable. The practice grabbed me by the shoulders and woke me up at that moment, but continues to remind me that I have to do the work in order to stay awake. This feeling was mirrored soon after when I started to teach in 2007. I am certified by Mark, Shankara and Joanne Darby and have been motivated and guided by the aforementioned teachers as well as many others including, but not limited to, Allison Ulan, Jesse Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jeanne Mudie, TIffany Cruikshank and Chuck Miller. It is imperative for me to add that my students provide me with a constant source of inspiration and drive me to ameliorate in innumerable ways. I am a lover of both tradition and innovation and as such, pay tribute to the Ashtanga sequence and other insightful modes of movement whether they are other styles of yoga, martial arts or dance. I look to incite honesty in myself and my students, foster a sense of discipline and empowerment, and instill a feeling of playfulness, curiosity and wonder.