Meditation on January 1st, 2013.  Great vibe to start of 2013 with devoted yogis and friends.

The Art of Meditation, Tuesday Night Vipassana Meditation sessions

These drop-in meditation sessions are based in Vipassana Buddhist meditation.  For the month of August 2015, these sessions are paused. We will restart on September 8th, 2015.

We will share silence with the intention of connecting with ourselves. We will practice mindful dialogue together to cultivate wise speech. We will study the dharma to open our minds to new ways of seeing.

Allison compliments the tradition meditation practices with mindful sensory games and mindfulness-based dialogue practices. These methods are a perfect compliment to Yoga asana practice because they promote inner awareness (the inner aspects of Yoga of sensory gathering, concentration, contemplation, joy, insight and equanimity). These techniques reduce stress, heighten concentration and promote emotional maturity for optimal living. Practitioners of all levels of experience are welcome to join in at anytime. 

Fee: included in your  1 month of 3 month Membership at AYM, or suggested donation $10 or pwyc.