Valentine’s Day Shiatsu with Pierre-Vincent

Saturday February 17th from 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm 

Shiatsu, literally translated as “finger-pressure”, is a type of massage that incorporates the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is done through the clothes*, on a futon (or a mat), and uses meridian lines, acupuncture points and soft mobilizations in order to release tensions and harmonize the energy of the body. In this workshop, you will give (and receive!) an hour long shiatsu massage. You will be introduced to the meridian lines and learn a few key acupuncture points. Come with a friend or partner, or alone! What a great opportunity to take care of yourself and a loved one in this time of the year!

*wear comfortable, yoga-like clothes*


Cost: $40 in advance (50$ day-of)


Special offer: $73 for 2 people