Yin Yoga Weekend and Teacher’s Training with Joe Barnett

Come learn the principles of Yin Yoga with senior teacher, Joe Barnett.  This form of Yoga is a great compliment to any other tradition of yoga or awareness practice because Joe teaches from an anatomically integrated approach. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your yoga knowledge.

One session for $50 or all 6 sessions for $250.(Applicable taxes included in fees.)

10% discount for all graduates of Ashtanga Yoga Montreal’s A Balanced Approach Teacher’s Training program.

Friday, April 4th –  1 – 4:30 pm – Yoga Teacher’s Intensive  
This session will investigate the two key principles of Yin Yoga that can help a yoga teacher of any tradition.  First we will study the Yin Yoga Theory of Exercise (Theory of Pain). Linked to that study, we will address target areas – key connections between Muscles and Meridians. All great knowledge for yoga teachers, movement specialists and fitness professionals.  
Material to be covered –
Teacher Intensive Session – The Yin Yoga Lecture Series 
Expand your understanding and experience of this blend of Taoism, Yoga, Anatomy and Meditation
Yin Yoga is the practice of sustained surrender… of relaxation efforts in the hips and spine in order to stretch, lubricate and strengthen the tough, dry connective tissues that wrap the muscles and dive deep into the joints. Light and easeful movement of body and mind is the goal. From the entrance, into the sacred core, and through the exit of the poses, this training follows a thread along 5 separate but unified studies and practices.
April 4th
Friday evening, 6 – 9 pm
Skeletal Variations: Functional Alignment
Modifications to the postures are not the exception to the rule in Yin Yoga; Modifications ARE the rule. Every body is unique, down to the skeleton. These differences are the most fundamental in understanding one’s proper (and unique) alignment in each pose.
April 5th – Saturday
 9 am to 12 noon   A Taoist Analysis, a Yin Practice: Twists
A quick study of the Yin Twists to understand why we do it.  A brief exploration of skeletal variations on fake bones and real bones (yours) to know how we execute it. And a full practice highlighting therapeutic torsion to experience the release of the spine and the detox of the crudest to the subtlest, internal self.
2 – 5 pm   A Taoist Analysis, a Yin Practice: Hips
Are you an Internal Rotator or an External Rotator? Our hips are naturally designed to roll toward one direction more than the other. Every body is unique. This practice will offer some strong clues as to which direction you were built to spiral… and more importantly, will reveal effective techniques for a regular therapeutic maintenance of your unique structure.
April 6th – Sunday
9 am – 12 noon  Sacral Nutation: Rock the Sacrum!
Nutation is a Latin word for rocking or nodding. The planets nutate, the growing shoot of a flower nutates, and your Sacrum nutates. Or at least it should. The Sacrum (another Latin word for Sacred) is the axis, the core, the keystone if you will, of the skeleton. It is the connection between Spine and Pelvis. And with every movement of the body, it has a very subtle, yet crucial movement unless it is stuck. Fixation of the sacrum is a very common occurrence in the developed world of chair-sitting. Come study and more importantly practice the Yin postures that will keep your sacred sacrum rocking.
2 – 5 pm  Flying-Dragon/Sleeping-Swan: A Yang/Yin Yoga Sequence
The quiet, long held, deep tissue work of Yin Yoga is only half of the equation in a fuller Taoist Yoga practice. Yang Yoga is its complement of continuous movement to bring strong blood and Chi movement into the Yogis muscles and meridians.
In this session we will explore the Flying Dragon sequence: Big circular movements, graceful twists, bends, and colorful, creative imagery and visualization. Grow wings in this Fire fueled sequence only to transform your effort into a deeply surrendering Sleeping Swan.